The suggestions, tips, and ideas to help guide you to incorporate social media into your e-orientation.

Freshmen orientation camps have always been the buzz of the summer holidays. This year, it’s taking a real turn towards digitizing that experience for our incoming freshies. It’s going to be a challenge because we’ll have to create and simulate that same “people interaction”, connection and engagement all while being online behind the screen. Sounds quite crazy right? And lots of questions on where to begin.

Take a quick peek into our first part of planning an e-orientation camp, and we’ll show you an…

Let’s face it, trying to get sponsors is like trying to get a job. You create proposals (essentially, your resumes and cover letters) and you blast them out to whatever company or job you’re interested in and pray and hope that you get a reply for an interview or that you make it to the next stage.

Similar to job hunting, securing sponsors have their own tips and tricks. And we’re here to share with you our insights from working in the sponsorship matching industry for 5 years (wow, honestly can’t believe it’s been that long!).

We know that getting…

That transition to University is a difficult and strange time. Add that to the current situation where we don’t have the usual luxury of camps happening in person to allow us to break the ice with one another?

Not all of us are able to be extroverted nor do all of us possess the ability to easily make friends with anyone. It’s normal to struggle. And while we know that everyone is in a similar boat, not all our boats are the same.

But before we dive in, let’s address a very basic question:

Why should you care about making friends?

  1. Your circle of friends from secondary…

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